“Repay ages of tears with ages of tears”

The subject line was actually used as my signature at http://www.indigogirls.com/bbs from september of 2004 until November 20th, 2004. Because the Clinton library opened with the sun blocked out and rain falling from the sky, I decided to change my signature at their site.

The featured photo was captured by a daily advertiser photographer (http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/73891816/6978472) at a Krewe of Apollo ball in Lafayette, louisiana–From the “Shaming of the Sun” (son) era

Crap from the past that is weighing me down….Why he wasn’t named None- A-Maker…. all related scenes are as important. The school he worked at as a Janitor in south central louisiana is really Cafe 101, a coffee shop that was located across the street from the University.

The story that Joe Dirt reveals to Zander Kelly over the airwaves of KXLA portrays the legacy of the Indigo Girls; they are the makers of the musically composed still photos of Joe Dirt. The Peace Loving and Non-violent Indian Guide with the indistinct sexuality and gender is Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls (“dirt and deadends” is also more wordplay); the Indian is selling snakes (penises) & sparklers (vaginas). Joe Dirt is the silenced lamb left in a trash can (trailer) on the other side of the social grand canyon. The Grand Canyon photoed asshole parents (the Sources to See)are editing the musically composed still photos of Joe Dirt (andy adkins)to produce the swimming ideas (successful ideas swim. bad ideas sink) that have been loaded into films that represent the sold clown (joe dirt) as Alex Keaton, Cartman, Bobby Bouchere, etc.

Silvertown is Tinseltown and Tinseltown is Hollywood. Joe Dirt’s mulleted wig that is infused with his brain acknowledges that he is a genius and his father wears the same hairstyle implying that he is also a genius.

There are many lyrical teasers about the life of Joe Dirt. “center Stage” is only the tip of the iceberg
Joe Dirt falls down and is beaten up (by life) in an oil patch named after a Frenchman (Pierre?) and loses a tooth (lafayette, Louisiana is the hub of an oil patch named after a frenchman .
“That is why dad named you Joe Dirt instead of None a maker”

Share All The Way by Indigo Girls
Share Fly Away by Indigo Girls
Share Three Hits by Indigo Girls
Share Center Stage by Indigo Girls
Share All That We Let In by Indigo Girls
Share Something Real by Indigo Girls

The Joker and the Thief likely mention my birth in NC in the song “Little Perennials”.