Author: chaerophon

Table of Contents

A. “On an Unknown Country” Hilaire Belloc B. “Before the Law” Franz Kafka C. Poetry “Laurels Burning” “Capitol Defense” “Invisible Doubts” “Flower Stems” “Uncordial Plots” “Flight” “bubbles” “Triumph” “With Counselor’s Math…” “Annulled Again” “Eyes for Ascent” “Lotus’ed to Happiness” D. Haiku “Invisible Doubts”” “Flower Stems”” “Thought Embers” “Crossing Circles” “Vicarious complexity” “Doting Labors” “Immortal Coins” […]

“Laurels Burning”

Tendrilled distractions ransom tangled feet As embroideries bound tight to their coats By nodes paved,fenced & speedily discrete. Seclusion ballasts orient all floats To ordered convenience from verdant ports Like persistent chattel toiled infections Mining confused silence from private courts. Underneath resolved service solutions, Adventuring youthful contrarieties Celebrate despair beyond moonlit tense Dressing vigils for […]

“Capitol Defense”

Fulcrum levers ferment toxic drinking. A saddled city gaping to malaise Endures conjunctive arrows beckoning Curtained arms hasten on your swing best days If blind fogs coat the revealed injuries Like tendered troubles drawn to replace bad And daily deals convened from new queries Address brave clairvoyance as being mad. Forgive belching doorways retreating close. […]