Author: Andy Adkins


Plaintive horns thinned gold promised by middayAs Jealousy’s salacious deception.Seated high in shielded misdirectionAn honor penned smile drove quickly away.Recognition rarely decides contextsPrefixed by unmitigated sadnessDrawn to kiln, but unwound for love’s purpose.Witnessed chasms need unbridged momentsBecause unknowns are not restorativeWhen begun alone & stung by misreadingClairvoyance as reasoning predictiveLike renewed hues ready-made for judging.

Vexed Amusement

Where bundled ambition tugs sentiments,Cornering quiets objectivity.Its cruel urgency sorts dyad remnants To envision cages carved from allureAs if preening hangs curiosityFrom pedestals encircling demur.

Spoken Turns

Steadfast tongues spend voids on memoriesIn conscious rhythms linking historiesWith thoughts willed in place by impermanence.Time lengthens and shortens their convenienceAs forgotten resistance to hazards.The journey to meaning rolls out in yardsTo exhaust & retire bygone tumultsSeparating tears from smiling results.

Daylight Risks

Darkened resemblance awakened columnsAppearing between cover-grown fountainshappily arranged as sticky meadows.Entwined appetites smother adorned ease.First climbing curls entangling canopies,Then falling fattened by warm innocenceTo the round gallops accomplishing ageLike quick stop reminders strung atop clouds.

Unpotted Anxiety

Scavengers devour survival forewords.Their cutaways brighten lashed reflectionWith groaning banners in tongue sown courtyards.Wild uproar sounds unruly auditionFrom fast distressed lips as woeful prelude.Forlorn wisdom is a contradiction Fathering misguided ineptitudeUnsweetened by eloquent courtesy.In it pale moments languish thoughtlessly‘Till adroit learning garlands destiny.

From Harbor to Horizon

Fond companions nest brutality between cloudsOn sharp tacks copied by time & sails.Moonlit & sun-worn until murmuring slowed,Sympathetic travelers aroused swellsTo shower and balm grief with turbulent praise.Like conspicuous torrents,Mercy steamed wantonness overboardAvoiding prow loss, misdirection, and puzzlementsWhere biography compasses precise stewards.

Landscape Resistance

From towered raimentsYouth doubled elliptic pacesMagnify common identityTo separately question memoriesOf frozen eternity. Narrow fools shuffle hungry windsAnd graze flowered mortalityAs quickly fading passengers. Ugly combs, afterward, Abruptly mumble remnantsWith toiled births and blinding affectionLike persistent habits to cloud beginnings.

Guarded Prompts

Wavering fires hurried rust bound silence to delight thunder and tremble ashes.Their unkempt madness puzzle and forsake reason like tear-swept thorns quickly forgotten.Between indefinite promises cleverness jealously laments unbridged wonder.Embellishing sighs brush and contrapose renewal. Deserts learn green abundance from seasoned joy.When fallen, ascend as neighbors until butterflies flicker comprehension.

Table of Contents

A. “On an Unknown Country” Hilaire Belloc B. “Before the Law” Franz Kafka C. Poetry “Laurels Burning” “Capitol Defense” “Invisible Doubts” “Flower Stems” “Uncordial Plots” “Flight” “bubbles” “Triumph” “With Counselor’s Math…” “Annulled Again” “Eyes for Ascent” “Lotus’ed to Happiness” D. Haiku “Invisible Doubts”” “Flower Stems”” “Thought Embers” “Crossing Circles” “Vicarious complexity” “Doting Labors” “Immortal Coins” […]