Tag: poetry

“Capitol Defense”

Fulcrum levers ferment toxic drinking. A saddled city gaping to malaise Endures conjunctive arrows beckoning Curtained arms hasten on your swing best days If blind fogs coat the revealed injuries Like tendered troubles drawn to replace bad And daily deals convened from new queries Address brave clairvoyance as being mad. Forgive belching doorways retreating close. […]

“Uncordial Plots”

The pirouettes exhale drenched full shadows Beyond their experienced infancies. Before crispness lightens extended boughs Billows arrest afloat lines parting seize Urgent rehearsals that predict sirens Like feet of order and of gathering Chance packs safe to cave walls as tight actions Invite genially renewed flattering Wild whipped revelry snapped with curse and bark, Spawnings […]


Closely the albatross lips nested plight. Its billowers fingerpaint dust as seeds Scattered on by fastened formations’ fight With brightened embarkers to racing deeds. Become by the cauldron glow of reason Bedmates fill the needs of molten labor By polling attraction’s wild sky destine; Escape crowns freedom for its valiant tour. Breached sullenly empty in […]


Weakened bears pet stones of plastic decline As singing glees inter heartache laughed tears. The panting pendulum tongue stiffened its spine. Bedpans guided the won fight past arrears. These chips made pillared fiery fountains clean Transfusing mortgaged mobility tomes. Teetered banks aereated transits green Saving shattered marbles beneath wedged homes. Mining lettered minds immortalize goals […]

With Counselor’s Math…

Thundered rains struck sweetened artistic lifts. By eloquently harmonic demands Flickering obloquy spares lofted hands. Freedom reconciles prayer to lapsing rifts. Beyond tamed indignant bays more hope sifts Through starched wrinkled kindness to bud new strands; Curls silver to witness harvested brands; Roots bare gains as beloved tears requite gifts. Time drenched delight molts fast […]

Eyes for Ascent

The last trees’ ladder with wind renting venomless bites; Counting schemes draped behind charming stagecraft lights. As dream rehearsals oblige other visioners’ fast departure, Refashionable word parades melody uninterrupted debaucher. Medicined fanatics then listen freedom from shady prodigious loans And shoulders ready muscles to stream the globe of marching thrones. Though constant change works gauze […]

“Lotus’ed to Happiness”

an unfamiliar easily noticed ament scowls to dear. Uptook regularly, the lark preferred summers’ overlooks, Sands, Sounds, & subterrained canals; they whisk anewing potlucks. Sundrops air longevity too bare for cubicled pots. Wincing waters keep no viol. Emote by brio as potatoes, turnips and carrots. Cloppiting clops are just that tuned by their ages median […]